Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have started working a little part-time. And since my husband is a part owner, I have been doing a few florals to brighten up the space. I am definitely a beginner and wish I had some education on the subject but it's been fun.


Flora said...

Pauline - you look incredible! Are you just dieting or are you exercising too? It was great to hear from you on the blog - I am trying to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment with the kids and the ice. We will be on day #3 of no school tomorrow ... and I'm trying to give up a little control over the house and just enjoy them. The backyard is an ice rink as well and the three of them are having a blast sliding around on their bellies like penguins. I on the other hand watch from inside - falling on ice is not my idea of fun, especially with the real chance of breaking something at my age :) Love your blogs!

Beth@seasonsofhome said...

floral arranging is not easy so great job.